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Starlink Internet Service

Starlink, a division of SpaceX, has emerged as a leading satellite internet provider among the various options available to consumers. Starlink’s commitment to delivering high-speed internet with low latency makes it an attractive choice for those residing in rural areas.

Using an array of low earth orbit (LEO) satellites, Starlink internet has speeds similar to ground-based internet, but with the availability of traditional satellite internet. Internet speeds may increase as Starlink continues to develop its constellation.

Easy self-installation

Unlimited Data

Perfect for rural areas

Low latency

Things we like:

Is Starlink Right for Me?

Starlink has generated a lot of excitement and anticipation, and with good reason. It offers high-speed satellite internet with lower latency compared to other providers. However, it may not be the right solution for you. If you live in an urban or suburban area. Here you are more like to find other services that are faster and less expensive. If that’s the case, it’s best to explore your internet options.


Things to consider

On the expensive side

Upfront equipment costs and monthly service charges can be expensive.

Needs clear views of the sky

For the best signal and fastest speeds, your receiver needs a clear view of the sky.

Delayed availability

Starlink is taking reservations now, but the equipment may not ship until later this year.

Not ideal in all areas

While ideal for rural customers, satellite internet is not the best solution for urban and suburban areas. Enter your zip code here to find internet near you.